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Useful Tips for Heat Pumps in Nova Scotia: D Gillis Ventilation & Air Conditioning Ltd

D Gillis Ventilation & Air Conditioning Ltd is your source for heat pumps in Northeastern Nova Scotia. When compared to other home comfort systems, heat pumps are much more energy efficient. However, there are still ways you can get the most out of your heat pump system. Check out these useful tips:

  • Clear it off in the winter. When we install your outdoor unit, we’ll make sure to mount it on snow stands or bracket it to the wall to keep as much snow off it as possible. But snow can still make its way onto your unit, especially after a bad storm. Check your unit often to make sure snow, or other debris, doesn’t build up around your heat pump. 
  • Keep the temperature consistent. Don’t move your thermostat up and down; keep it at a consistent temperature. Constantly adjusting your thermostat will result in higher utility bills, especially in the winter. 
  • Routine maintenance is important. Cleaning or replacing air filters on a monthly basis will ensure your unit is running smoothly. Also, inspect the outdoor coils and keep them clean. If they appear dirty, scrub them with a heavy duty degreaser and hose them down. You can also check the product manual for any other necessary routine maintenance. 
  • Yearly checkup. We advise our customers to schedule yearly inspections by one of our trained technicians to make sure your heat pump is working correctly.

Want more tips or have any questions? Give us a call or send us an email!

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